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Using websites has become an effective way of communication between physicians and the public to raise awareness and conduct scientifically based health messages. The patient-doctor barrier has paved us the way to work on an integrated mode of access. To increase this access we want to break down the medical language barrier between the doctor and the patient so that we have established collaboration between committed doctors, health care professionals, information specialists and patients who believe that medical practice should be based on quality-assessed information. is professionally designed with a sophisticated and wide-range search engine, covering all medical specialties, and providing a distinct space for each doctor, medical center and hospital to showcase their expertise and to improve the availability of information and influence satisfaction and trust of health messages.

Five things you should know about
  • We feature international doctors; primarily from large, accredited hospitals.
  • We do not list doctors without their permission or take their data from other websites to populate our own.
  • Information about doctors is provided by the doctors themselves or the hospitals where they work.
  • Our primary objective is to help patients find the right doctor.
  • does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Five reasons why you should use
  • Find a doctor by location, hospital, and specialty.
  • View and compare doctors without the hassle of visiting numerous hospital website
  • Get recommendations about doctors from other patients.
  • Request appointments.
  • Read about doctors, treatment options and destinations.
  • One stop place for everything medical to make your life easier!

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